Indulge in a relaxing spa experience. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit through one of our spa services.


Sea salt scrub

A farewell to rough, dry skin. Our scrubs are made out of natural sea salts, rich in trace minerals, making it an optimal choice in restoring health to the surface of your body. It exfoliates to reveal fresher skin underneath which is softer, healthier, and revitalized.



An amazing remedy for sore muscles, joint pain, and other body ailments. This warm wax coats the skin in a soothing layer that increases circulation and relaxes the skin and surrounding tissues. It also moisturizes and softens the skin simultaneously, an excellent two-for-one treatment for clients who want to feel calm and refreshed, inside and out.


Luxury massage

Our massages are the epitome of luxury. Slight pressure and gentle strokes are applied to different parts of the body to ease stress and muscle tension. In many cases, our massages go even further beyond these benefits to relieve migraines/headaches, sinus problems, breathing disorders, digestive problems, and increase blood circulation. Our clients always come out feeling not only relaxed, but lighter in both mind and body.